Goodmans’ Top 10 Reasons to Hire Youth


Goodmans are a large scale earthmoving company in Waikanae.  They undertake a broad range of work, on projects big and small (including Transmission Gully) and pride themselves on being a company with good people, that do a good job.

We were lucky enough to be able to visit them onsite, chat to some employees and take some photos - what an awesome work culture!

With 170 staff, as well as contractors and temporary staff they are one of the largest employers in Kāpiti.  They currently have 18 staff aged between 16 and 25, and 12 apprentices in Heavy Plant and Equipment, Light Vehicles, Mechanical Engineering and Certified Civil Trades.

Ruth Surrey, the HR Manager for Goodmans, says there are many benefits to hiring young people. Her top ten reasons to hire a young person include:

  1. Energy

  2. Enthusiasm

  3. Keenness to learn new skills

  4. Ability to pick up new skills quickly

  5. An approach to thinking outside the square

  6. Fun loving attitudes

  7. Ability to keep the company young and fresh

  8. Up-to-date tech knowledge

  9. Maintaining a good mix of all age groups across the workforce

  10. Ability to mould young staff into the company culture, and create loyalty

Needless to say the lucky guys employed there love it too!!