Responses to our #EmployerMeets from students, careers advisors, and Employers

  • “The Work Ready Kāpiti #EmployerMeet opened my eyes to look at the bigger picture about my future”

  • “The Employers answered my questions and helped with steps I could take to get where I want to be”

  • “I got so much more confident”

  • “I got to talk to many people about good life skills”

  • “It was helpful in the sense of just sharing what they had to say, as well as their trades and professions they discussed.”

  • “It helped me understand what other jobs are looking for and what Employers look for when hiring someone”

  • “It has better prepared me for future interviews”

  • “It opened my eyes to some talented young people”

  • "We are very grateful to Work Ready Kāpiti for the progress that has been made in connecting out students to industry. This is a real step forward and we look forward to growth in the future" - Melanie Chaytor, Kāpiti College

  • "The Work Ready Kāpiti #EmployerMeet made me feel more confident to go into interviews" - Aria, Kāpiti College, Year 12

  • Meeting with local employers "opened my eyes to a bigger picture of my future" - Jordan, Kāpiti College, Year 12 

  • From Kim Kelly from Paraparaumu College Careers: "How fantastic to see our young people out of their comfort zones, being brave and challenging themselves to meet prospective employers. It was so awesome to see this connection being made between employers and students. There was such a buzz in the room as they got to know each other. I was blown away by the politeness and confidence of the students and the kindness and wisdom that was offered by out local employers.  Students said that they felt much more confident after having the interviews". 

  • "An amazing opportunity to help and interact with Kāpiti Coast kids" - Karl, PAKnSAVE Kāpiti

  • "Really great, high quality kids" - Amanda, Cafe Te Horo

  • “It was nice to meet vibrant young people, who mostly knew what they want in life”

  • “It made me realise how vulnerable and green these school leavers are, and how much they need to learn to prepare them for the working world. ”

  • “The students were unaware of their strengths to an employer and it was good to give them positive feedback”

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